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Recyclability is one of the elements to consider in the packaging design phase if you want to ensure proper end-of-life management. With this in mind, the end-of-life path of a packaging will be more compatible.

Microcarton Packaging gives its contribution through the creation of increasingly sustainable packaging solutions.

To achieve this goal we are directing our customers towards the elimination of non-recyclable parts of the packs without compromising aesthetics and quality. 

In our journey towards sustainability, elements of different nature are interconnected: from purely technical ones -  related especially to the printing process -  to those of a social nature. 

The latter comprises predominantly of our goal to achieve an optimal eco-design ensuring a significant reduction of packaging material necessary to contain a product securely. 

Equally important is the understanding that used packaging material is not just a waste commodity but rather a valuable resource as a secondary raw material to be reintroduced into the production cycle.